Artist Spotlight - Chloe Duncan

I grew up in the beautiful hills of Scotland and moved to USA in my teenage years. I grew up in a very artistic family so have always had an artistic outlook on everything!

My mother gave me a book with Arthur Rackhams work and I immediately fell in love and have been influenced by his style. 

My art is often described as very whimsical and relaxing to look at.
I like my work to be interesting and take the viewer away into a different world. I do things the old way with a pot of ink and dipping pen! It makes each piece so unique and everything I do is made with lots of love and fun!

Artist Spotlight - Bev Doolittle

Doolittle attended college at the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, where she met her husband, Jay Doolittle.[2] The Doolittles, after a brief career as graphic artists, became "traveling artists" and drove in a motorhome around the American southwest, painting scenes of the landscape as they went. It was during this period that Bev's expansive paintings of the American Western landscape and its wildlife began to develop and soon after, she began to portray Native Americans—often including them alongside animal themes.

Doolittle has become a popular artist in the United States, and her original paintings and prints are collected widely by those interested in the Western themes she portrays. Realistic Western art has conventionally been dominated by oil painting, and Doolittle was instrumental in bringing watercolors into the genre, and garnering respect for this medium from collectors of Western art.

Doolittle has also co-authored and illustrated several books. She has long been interested in the plight of Native Americans, wild animals, and ecological and environmental issues and her books—like her paintings—focus on these issues.

A unique and distinctive aspect of her art is what she refers to as "a camouflage technique" in which certain details of her art can be seen in more than one way; for example, in "The Forest Has Eyes," the rocks and waterfalls seen close up appear as the faces of Native Americans when viewed from a distance. In "Mesa Ruins," close-up viewing appears to show the Mesa Verde Canyon Anasazi dwellings, although from a distance it gives an impression of the eye and nose of a Native American male. In "Shoshone Switchback," the snow-filled meadow in which horseback riders are crossing appears from farther away to be the shape of a running horse. Perhaps her most impressive work is a twenty-four set collection of paintings of dark-brown horses set against light brown rocks and white snow, which from a distance and arranged in order spells out the words "Hide and Seek.


Artist Spotlight - Jon McNaughton

Jon McNaughton is an established artist from Utah whose new paintings have attracted the international attention of millions over the last few years. Highly detailed religious and patriotic subjects are the focus of his paintings. The artist’s experiences and faith are the inspiration for his work.

“I have traveled to many places around the world to know my subjects, but when I work on a painting with many figures I will usually pose models and photograph them and then paint them as I see them in my mind. I choose to paint from the heart and evoke my personal vision into each painting.”

I prefer to paint pictures that I believe have relevance to what is going on in the world, that make a statement, that stand for something. I hope people will study the paintings and try to understand the deeper meaning. Some of the themes are controversial, but I feel strongly about what is happening in our world today.

There are three kinds of people who view my paintings: Those who like it, those who hate it, and those who simply don’t understand. I am especially interested in this last category. I hope my work will create conversation and reach people on a deeper level. I like to use metaphor and multiple levels of meaning to reach my viewer. If it makes them think and feel, then it is successful.”

Artist Spotlight - Jason Christensen

“I am a professional nature & landscape photographer who has been capturing award-winning photographs for nearly 20 years. My work is published domestically as well as internationally with images displayed in a variety of venues and formats, including various art galleries and numerous private collections. In 2009, my unique view of our natural world through the lens of a 4×5 rewarded me with the honor of having my work published in View Camera Magazine. I began my passion for fine-art outdoor photography in 1995, and I have stuck true to the art by choosing to use a large format film camera as my choice of capturing nature’s subtle light.”  

From the beginning to the present, passion and inspiration in photography are the driving force behind my artistic work.

~ Jason Christensen

Artist Spotlight - Thomas Kinkade

 In the very beginning of his artistic career, Thomas Kinkade put his entire life savings into the printing of his first lithograph. Though at the time he was already an acclaimed illustrator, Thom found that he was inspired not by fame and fortune, but by the simple act of painting straight from the heart, putting on canvas the natural wonders and images that moved him most. It was this dedication and singular-minded focus on the ultimate goal of Sharing the Light™ that made Thomas Kinkade, a simple boy with a brush from the small country town of Placerville, California the most-collected living artist of his time.

      Throughout his life Thomas Kinkade shared his joy and used his paints in support of hospitals, schools, and humanitarian relief. Though the recipient of countless awards and honors, it was Thom's profound sense of purpose that his art was not just an accessory, but also a ministry, that continues on as his legacy. From custom images that were sold for The Salvation Army, Hurricane Katrina relief, Rotary International, to donations that now grace the halls of St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, the White House, The Vatican, and Britain's Tate Museum, Thom raised hundreds of thousands of dollars over his lifetime for charity.

      Thomas Kinkade the artist was also a devout and loving family man. It was this devotion for his family that inspired him to add symbols of his love to his artwork. Numerous paintings contain hidden "N's" representing Thom's lovely wife Nanette and many other paintings include the numbers 5282 as tribute to their wedding date May 2, 1982. Thom's four daughters were also included in his artistic process- after the birth of each of his daughters, Thom painted adoring images in each of their namesake; Evening at Merritt's Cottage, Chandler's Cottage, Winsor Manor and Everett's Cottage.

      Thomas Kinkade, the Painter of Light™, emphasized simple pleasures and inspirational messages through his art - and the branded products created from that art. From textiles, to collectibles, to music and books, Thom gave credit to a higher power for both the ability and the inspiration to create his paintings. His goal as an artist, who was Christian, was to touch people of all faiths, to bring peace and joy into their lives through the images he had created.

      Thom's dearest wish had always been that his artwork would be a messenger of hope and inspiration to others - a message to slow down, appreciate the little details in life, and to look for beauty in the world around us. As millions of collectors around the world sit back and enjoy his artwork in their homes, there is no doubt that Thomas Kinkade had indeed achieved his goal of Sharing the Light™.

A Lifetime of Light - Online Exhibition
Experience this complete presentation of Thomas Kinkade's prolific 30 year career as America's Most Collected Artist. From his published works, we have prepared nearly 500 images; just click on an image to advance chronologically or use the links below to skip to a particular year.
Enter A Lifetime of Light 

Artist Spotlight - Clay Platner

Artist - oil painter.

“From the peaceful, gentle sight of a fog bank rolling in on a coastal shore to the magnificent power of a thunderstorm on a desert horizon, I get incredible joy capturing these ever changing moments of mother nature's natural canvas." And I'm always on the lookout for interesting people to paint, especially the working cowboy.”

I have been expressing my passion for art for over 40 years. At the age of 12, I took my first professional art lesson and knew from that point on that I would always express myself with the paint brush.

Having done well over a thousand paintings, I'm still trying to find that one masterpiece that I know is still within me.

I learned long ago to create art that pleases me and to let the viewers decide on their own whether they find any beauty and/or messages. A "loose" style with lots of brush strokes to create a painting is a very difficult method to attain, and when a viewer appreciates the beauty of the art itself, I am pleased.

Artist Spotlight - Philip Moulton

Philip Moulton, from Las Vegas, has been an artist his whole life. An art graduate from UNLV  and Wyoming, his professional career in art began in 1977. He created ART VISIONS in Las Vegas, accomplishing many art commissions. He sold over 50 originals since then and taught art for two years in a private school. He then moved to Mesquite, NV, to create two new gallery and framing shops with his wife, Brenda. They now own and operate ARTe Gallery and Framing in St. George, Utah.

His portfolio can be found at .

Philip is actively framing and doing many art works. His philosophy is simple, "If it brings you joy and excitement, and is uplifting, then it's genuine...pursue it!" 

Artist Spotlight - Michael Allen

Mike Allen was born 1949 in Louisville, Kentucky. At the age of seven he faced some medical issues that confined him to a wheelchair for six months. It was during this time that he began to draw and discovered his love and passion for art. Allen attended four years of art school In Louisville then moved to Chicago to attend three more years.

For almost sixty years Allen has been painting and still his passion for art has not diminished. 

Artist Spotlight - Jodi Fuller

Jodi Fuller, a resident of Southern Utah, has been in love with art for as long as she can remember and has experimented with many styles and techniques through the years. Jodi says of her art, "My paintings are based on capturing the romanticism of a place, through light and color, and hoping it captures the viewer." She apprenticed under popular artist Jon McNaughton, and loved his landscapes and his simple, effective technique. The strong use of color and texture are evident in her dynamic, inviting pieces. She recently closed her gallery in Washington, and has moved many of her pieces to ARTe Art Gallery. More of Jodi's work can be found on her website at

Artist Spotlight - Jeremiah Barber

Jeremiah Barber is a local artist who has been providing captivating landscape photographs to medical offices and hospitals across the state of Utah since 2011. His work has been featured in calendars, magazines, websites and more. Jeremiah's framed prints are found exclusively at ARTe Art Gallery. Jeremiah has said: "When you are out capturing landscapes, there is a feeling that comes to you and says: this is beauty, this is tranquility, this is what you have been looking for." He aims to share those feelings of beauty and tranquility with the viewer, through his work. More of Jeremiah's images can be found online at

Artist Spotlight - Gina Jrel

Gina Jrel is a contemporary, conceptual painter who earned her B.F.A. in Illustration and Design from Kansas City Art Institute. She has a thirty-six year background in the creation and business of art. Her artwork has been licensed for use by corporations nationwide, and her fine art is owned in private collections worldwide. 

Jrel draws inspiration from Picasso, Caravaggio, and the Art Nouveau Movement. Her recognizable artistic style is known for its whimsy and vibrant color. Her paintings begin with a feeling, are packed with symbolism, and are governed by the subconscious and are guided by intuition. "It is my goal to be true to my artistic expression and create from my heart. I aspire only to make you feel something." 

Artist Spotlight - Eugene Louie

Eugene Louie is a well-renowned photographer, having been nominated by American Photographer Magazine as a "New Face" in photojournalism when he was just twenty-six years old. That same year, Louie's photographers helped Washington's Longview Daily news win a staff Pulitzer Prize for covering the eruption of Mount St. Helens on May 18, 1980. He has also won a bronze medal in the Photographer of the Year in the Pacific Northwest competition. In 1989 his photography once again contributed to a Pulitzer Prize win, this time for The San Jose Mercury News' coverage of the Loma Prieta earthquake and it's aftermath.

His rapid rise in photojournalism is notable because Louie originally set out to become a psychologist, but switched to photography during his senior year at university. "The Vietnam War, civil rights, and Women's Liberation were just a few of the issues rapidly changing American culture. I believed it was my job to record the extraordinary times." Louie has traveled the world, turning his camera lenses into remote eyes for his visual audience. In 2010 during his first winter visit to Yosemite National Park, Louie experienced an epiphany. "Photography became a meditation. I realized the purpose of my second career is to photograph the natural world, with the same passion I felt for journalism...This time I am showcasing the planet." 

Artist Spotlight - David West

As a child growing up in New Jersey, David West spent a lot of his time exploring the woods and fishing near his home. He developed a love for nature first, and then found his passion for capturing it in a photograph to share with others. His father was a professional portrait photographer, introducing him to the joy and art of photography at an early age. After taking classes on photography at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, West decided to explore the wonders of the world with his camera in hand. 

No where else inspired him more than the Western United States, with its rugged mountains, mysterious deserts, and vast oceans. "Through my photography I hope to encourage others to protect what natural lands we have left, not only for our health and the planet's health, but because of the sheer beauty and artistry that exists in nature." 

Artist Spotlight - Bonnie Hacking

Involved with art her entire life, Bonnie received her degree from Brigham Young University in 1969. She painted and taught watercolor in addition to designing and creating fine jewelry. As an Interior Designer, Bonnie served clients from California to Guatemala. 

There is a depth and intensity to oil painting that was fascinating to her and blending paint on the canvas is a pleasing part of each day. Bonnie resides in St. George where she is surrounded by limitless natural wonders waiting to be rediscovered in paint.

Artist Spotlight - Bob Lawson

Born in Nebraska in 1934, and raised in Denver, Bob Lawson served a twenty-six year career as a U.S. Navy Photographer specializing in in-air photography. He next conceived and produced The Hook magazine, Journal of Carrier Aviation, acting as Editor-in-Chief for fifteen years, capping a forty-nine year career as an aviation photographer and writer in 1991.

Moving to St. George, Utah, in 1992, and currently residing in Dammeron Valley, Utah, Lawson hung up his flight gear and donned hiking boots to enable him to capture the splendor of the wilderness of the Southwest, especially in the St. George area. Bob Lawson's photography highlights the wonders that exist in nature, displaying a respect for the world around him through his artistic talents.

Color My World Art

I have an amazing niece. Carrie is making art her career. She just graduated high school. Her mom April and her are heading to Nicaaragua for a week to help children in an orphanage. Carrie will be teaching the children art. 

Here is the link that you can learn more about it. The trip sounds like an amazing time to think outside the box and do some service with what you love. And art is Carries passion. m5tNpPa_w/edit?usp=sharing

A New Beginning

Hello, I am grateful to have this new website that we are continuing to add to and improve upon. I will be starting the blogging as of today. I must say, I am nervous. I am a short, sweet to the point kind of gal, so I am going out on a big limb by writing about art. Most likely there will be many pictures instead of words.

I have had some great help in the past and have appreciated it so much. I will be posting about art from all over the world. But for today, I will start from home. One of my favorite pictures of Phil’s work is his galaxy Picture.

Phil uses oil pencil and chalk on mat board to create his art. I love the wispy clouds moving through the planets.

Share your thoughts on this galaxy piece.

Until next  time. Have a great day.