Communication Through the Arts

Art: a Deeper Level of Communication

If I were to ask 100 different people what the best way to communicate was, I’d many different answers. Because each individual person is unique, communication can very quickly become complex. Yet, there is one form of communication that proves to be very powerful to many. I don’t mean writing a letter or body language, I’m talking about art. I know it sounds strange, but when you get into the essence of art you start to realize that one of the main purposes of any artwork is to communicate on a level that words cannot.

What is Art:

Stop for a second and ask yourself, what is art? Lucky for you, I looked it up. Listed below is a picture of what happens when you type “What is art?” into Google.


Art is “the expression or application of human creative skill…”, or in other words, we use art to express ourselves in ways that words cannot. For example, music is able to convey feelings and moods that words alone could not accomplish on their own. Or think about any painting or photograph. This is the cause for the saying “a picture is worth 1000 words”. Art, in all forms, is a way to communicate with others.

Some Examples:

To help explain what I mean here are some examples of how different types of art can communicate with us on a different scale. This fist one is a song I found on YouTube and if you listen to it, I guarantee that you will begin to feel sad in only a matter of moments. Memories of sorrowful times may come to mind, and you may even have to hold back some tears. To bring about the same emotion in you might not even be possible to evoke through words, but with a song, it can happen instantly.

This phenomenon is not only limited to music, it can be found through many other art types. Look at the two paintings below, each was created through a different emotion. Can you tell which emotions they convey? I’m certain it didn’t take you long to figure it out. In fact, your brain may have picked up on it before you realized they were there. In his book, “Blink” an author named Malcolm Gladwell explains how our brains pick up on things we see, even if we don’t notice them. Thus, is the power of art. Even without directly looking at it, it can change our thoughts and actions.



Art is powerful, at first glance we sometimes see a painting on a wall and wonder why on earth someone placed it there, but there is always deeper meaning. It is when we open our minds to that meaning that art can truly become something of value. Often times, the best art communicates to viewers a part of the artist that can not be seen or experienced in any other way. The power of Art is amazing, so next time you see a drawing, listen to music, or look at a sculpture, try to interpret the deeper meaning that the artist is communicating. You might be surprised at what you learn.

Cade ThompsonComment